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Eastpointe Family Dentist

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Do you need different dental care based on your age? The answer is yes and no. Certainly, children need more specialized attention to address the transition between baby teeth and adult teeth, but at the heart of things what is most important is to treat each and every patient who comes in as a unique individual with specific needs and preferences. That’s what you can count on for you and your entire household here at Comfort Family Dental.

There is no question that a complete oral examination, periodic x-rays, and a teeth cleaning comprise the most essential routine that anyone can engage in for maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums for a long time to come. One visit every six months is sufficient. Our Eastpointe family dentist is dedicated to preventive care because there is something so satisfying about being told that you have no cavities when you come in. And even a touch of early stage gum disease is no match for our teeth cleaning, which succeeds in reversing the effects of it. For kids, our Eastpointe family dentist highly recommends the benefits of fluoride treatments, which strengthen his or her tooth enamel against dental decay and the cavities that it forms. Also, dental sealants offer a crucial additional layer of protection. Fillings and crowns keep your child’s and your teeth viable even in the face of cavities, chips, and cracks. And for our adult patients, there is great value in cosmetic care like teeth whitening and veneers so you will regain your pride in your smile.

We look forward to being the office where everyone from toddlers to seniors feel comfortable and assured that their concerns are being met effectively and attentively. It’s not just something we talk about, but something that we are deeply committed to. Please call us to arrange convenient time for an appointment with our Eastpointe family dentist.

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