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Dental Plaque in Eastpointe

Something you can’t see or feel is having a profound effect on your oral health. That thing is dental plaque, the filmy bacteria that is responsible for both the erosion of your precious tooth enamel to cause cavities, and also for the onset of gum disease. Depend on us at Comfort Family Dental for preventive care and the essential guidance you need to keep the worst consequences of dental plaque from being visited upon you.

Dental plaque doesn’t materialize out of thin air, of course. The catalyst that leads to its formation is sugar in your diet. This refers also to starch, which acts the same way as sugar does in this instance. When you wake up in the morning, do you brush your teeth first, before you do anything else? The answer is most probably yes, and if it’s not then it should be. Brushing is essential for washing away the dental plaque that grew on your teeth and at the gum line while you slept. It’s why you have morning breath. You want dental plaque to have as little time as possible to cause problems. Brush after each meal, and then again before you go to bed. Supplement that strategy with a thorough flossing when you’re ready to go to sleep, and you have a solid regimen in place. Come to our Eastpointe dentist office every six months, because dental plaque is stubborn and some of it may remain out of reach of your oral hygiene efforts, turning into hardened tartar. A teeth cleaning is the one and only way to eradicate tartar buildup, and two times per year at our Eastpointe dentist office is sufficient to get the job done regularly.

You are not subject to the whims of dental plaque. Continue to follow basic guidelines for oral care at home, and while you’re thinking about it, contact us now to schedule your next examination and teeth cleaning at our Eastpointe dentist office.

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