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Dental decay is the erosion of your tooth enamel that results in cavities. At Comfort Family Dental, we would prefer to help you avoid the formation of any cavities, but at bare minimum we want to make them as rare as possible. Furthermore, when a cavity does occur, it’s vital to have it diagnosed and treated in a timely manner so that you don’t risk an infection and possible loss of the tooth.

Halting the progression of dental decay starts with addressing dental plaque and tartar effectively. These bacterial substances are related, with the only difference being that plaque is film-like while tartar is harder and crustier. Both contain acids that are responsible for dental decay. The first step advocated by our Eastpointe dentist is to cut back on your sugar and starch intake. Since both fuel the growth of dental plaque, it’s easy to understand why this is recommended. Brush your teeth at least twice per day (more is better), and floss between all your teeth at bedtime. The above strategy will limit the amount of dental decay that takes place and keep your teeth largely intact. But because tartar cannot be effectively removed at home, it is important to see our Eastpointe dentist two times per year. Come in for a complete oral examination and x-rays as needed so that cavities are discovered early on. And with a professional teeth cleaning, you will be rid of your tartar buildup. And that makes future cavities less likely to form.

So all you have to do is take care of your teeth at home with daily oral hygiene and good nutrition, and then make it a priority to come in for a checkup and a cleaning with our Eastpointe dentist at six month intervals. While you’re thinking about it, contact us now to make your next appointment.

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